Q. Do you deliver Door-To-Door

A. Evolv Kitchen ships À La Carte options right to your door. We are currently serving the entire state of Florida and parts of Georgia, with one to two day, flat-rate shipping.

Evolv has yet to establish door to door shipping for individually portions meals, however we will be bringing this option to our customers very soon. 

Currently we utilize drop locations for individually portions meals. We are partnered with local business around Central Florida, such as health food stores and local gyms, to deliver meals to an Evolv Kitchen cooler. There, you pick-up your refrigerated meals at your convenience (note: individual hours of operation may vary).

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Q. How do I purchase my meals?

A. Payments can be made via credit card and gift certificate, through our check out portal at www.EvolvKitchen.com or you can visit our new storefront location at 1203 W Hwy. 50 Ste. H. Clermont Fl, 34711.


Q. How will my meals be delivered?

A. Meals are packaged in plastic microwavable container and are delivered to our coolers inside a chiller bag. We advise that your meals be kept in the bag in a refrigerator, where possible. Always add ice packs when traveling with your meals.


Q. Can I choose a delivery or pick up time?

A. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a specific delivery time. Once your meals have been dropped at our delivery locations, you will be notified with a fulfillment email that your order is ready for pick-up. Where your meals are delivered to will ultimately determine what time you receive your meals.


Q. How often are my meals delivered locally?

A. Evolv Kitchen delivers locally 2x per week, every Wednesday & Saturday. 


Q. How does your ordering & local delivery schedule work?

A. All orders placed by the Wednesday (11:59pm) deadline are delivered the following Saturday. All orders placed by Sunday (11:59pm) will be available the following Wednesday.


Q. How often are the meals prepared? 

A. Our meals are prepared precisely the day before delivering them.


Q. Are there any preservatives added when cooking?

A. There are no preservatives are added to any part of the meals. Any seasonings and sauces added are 100% natural and scratch-made, in-house. 


Q. Do you add any salt/sodium to your meals?

A. We do not salt any of our custom proteins, vegetables or carbohydrates. Evolv Signature Dishes, however, do contain small servings of salt, for reasonable flavoring.


Q. Is the food cooked in any extra fats etc?

A. We use different types of cooking methods such as slow roast, sautéing and broiling to eliminate any excess calories and fats when preparing your meals.


Q. Are my meals actually weighed?

A. At Evolv Kitchen, we understand the importance of accuracy in every part of your meal. We use a specific measuring method during production to ensure your meals are within a very tight macro range.